Creepy Collectibles: eBay Auction for a Decorative Doll

I hear holiday gift-giving is a thing. (I also believe in the power of buying “somethin’ nice for yourself” regardless of the time of year . . .) This eBay auction is undoubtedly intended for collectors of creepy dolls. A friend of mine posted it on her Facebook profile with this description, so how could I NOT share it?

We’re selling the creepy doll! Anyone you know collect dolls? Or collect haunted objects of the occult?

Just kidding. It’s not haunted. (Probably haunted.) Definitely not occult. (Absolutely occult.) It’s not! (Totally is.) Shut up! (Completely haunted.) Shhh!

Important things to note about the doll:

  • used but in “very good condition” (only light hauntings I imagine)
  • it is NOT a toy (because it’s for decoration purposes only so it can silently watch you from across the room)
  • it is NOT for children (because it will possess them, obviously, and no child needs to be possessed)

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Happy bidding!

Fancy Harlequin Doll – (Lynn West Designs) on eBay


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