Zombies of the Living Dead

Many horror fans have argued that the zombie genre is over saturated. Thanks to the widespread popularity of shows like The Walking Dead, ZNation, and films like Shaun of the DeadWarm Bodies, and Zombieland even non-horror fans have probably had contact with a filmed zombie project in the last several years. However, just because we’ve seen a lot of zombie fiction doesn’t mean that we’ve tired of it, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we’ve seen all the sub-genre has to offer.

Take Zombies of the Living Dead by filmmaker Christian Ackerman of FastCoast Productions. The film tells the story of Clear Water, a small town in Hamilton County. Zombies begin to attack, and the locals are forced to try and stop them before it is too late. The trailer is filled to the brim with zombie make up, exploding heads, and plenty of action. It is obvious from the start that the individuals involved aren’t playing their roles too seriously. Why is that important? There are too many self righteous zombie films which try to play it straight while failing to offer legitimate scares to justify that approach. I loved Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead for deviating and introducing humor, so I look forward to being able to watch Zombies of the Living Dead in its entirety.

You can find the full, high-quality trailer here on Vimeo.

Zombies of the Living Dead is on Facebook, as is the production company FastCoast Productions.
They are also on Instagram and YouTube.


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