FrightPix’s Four Ho-Ho-Horror Films for the Holiday Season

Once you’re done with all the jingle bells and holiday cheer, take some time to yourself! Our friends at FrightPix have put together this short list of Christmas-themed ho-ho-horror flicks that we believe fit snugly into the “So-Bad-It’s-Good” sub-sub-genre of horror. The following four movies are available to stream for free on FrightPix, so grab that eggnog and settle in for some holiday horror!

Jack Frost 2

jack frost


In 1997, humans everywhere were blessed with the holiday gift that is known as “Jack Frost,” and no, we’re not talking about the beloved Michael Keaton movie. As if one movie about the mutant murderous Jack Frost wasn’t enough, we are now lucky enough to have its sequel, “Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Killer Snowman.” Reprising his role as former serial killer Jack Frost, Scott Macdonald is back and ready to continue his holiday murder spree. But don’t worry, its decrease from a 4.5 rating to a 3.7 IMDB rating should not steer you away from this treat of a cult classic holiday horror film – it still has all of the things that made the first one such a cult classic: a killer snowman and tons of boobs. Now if only it had Michael Keaton….

Watch it here: Jack Frost 2

Snow Shark
Snow Shark 1
Sharknado fans everywhere can let out a sigh of relief knowing now that there is an ancient snow beast lurking in the snow and killing whatever comes in its path. So you thought you were safe from aquatic monsters, just because you’re in a snow-covered forest, as opposed to the middle of the ocean or confronted by a deadly Sharknado? Not only are you wrong, but you are probably missing a leg, because a shark already swam through the snow to bite it off. As if that wasn’t enough to get you into the holiday spirit, Snow Shark is stocked full of shoddy camera work, amateur acting, and tons of blood: all the ingredients for true Yuletide cheer.

Watch it here: Snow Shark

Santa vs. Zombies

Santa vs Zombies

The title Santa vs. Zombies is a pretty self-explanatory look into this holiday treat, but if it isn’t, this movie consists of Santa saving the day from a wonderful Christmas being taken over by zombies. This movie is pretty much everything Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers has been dreaming about.

Watch it here: Santa vs. Zombies

Bikini Bloodbath Christmas



Lord of the Rings. Spiderman. Star Trek. Paranormal Activity. The Land Before Time. Bikini Bloodbath.

What do all of the above have in common? They are film franchises that have stood the test of time, and are still treasured by millions of adoring fans.

The third installment in the Bikini Bloodbath franchise, Bikini Bloodbath Christmas, once again follows the timeless formula of a killer chef going after hot girls, except this time, it’s Christmas. And nothing gets us more into the holiday spirit than a bunch of bikini-clad girls trying to fight a chef. Absolutely nothing.

Watch it here: Bikini Bloodbath Christmas

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