Ash vs Lobo and The DC Dead

Brian Rosenthal and WTFLOL are back with a sequel to their 2013 Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness and the wait? Was so worth it.


In Ash vs Lobo and The DC Dead after our favorite anti-hero finishes his battle with the evils of the Marvel Zombie universe, he and his unenthused counterpart Gwen get sucked into an entirely new battle, and universe. The DC Universe.

Once again the fate of the world is on Ash’s shoulders, and once again he has to learn a bunch of stupid words (Green Lantern’s Oath) in order to save it. Well you can guess how well that’s going to go. Especially when Ash meets his most formidable foe yet – the main man himself, Lobo. Can he once again triumph evil, even when facing a Czarnian bad ass bounty hunter?

These films are always fun, but this one so much more so perhaps because the Lobo fan girl in me was beyond giddy with both the casting and mannerism of the world’s greatest bastich. Kudos to the team on both script, camera work and special effects. If you’re looking for something a little different and a hell of a lot of fun? Be sure not to miss this one.

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