Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Looking to be the next Hannibal Lecter in the kitchen? Or at least entertain your next dinner guests? Then check out Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, and online treat shop to meet the needs of horror fans everywhere.

Firstly what is dinner without a little salt? You’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from such as Salt made from the tears of anger (sea salt smoked over oak), boredom (sea salt and charcoal), or sorrow (sea salt and lavender).

Looking for something a bit sweeter? Check out their range of candies (Tinned fear) which include escalating Panic, The Heebie-Jeebies, Mortal Terror or for the tamer desert crowd? A vague sense of unease.


“Entirely suitable for all instances where one needs to instil a steadily increasing sensation of pure panic. Particularly effective in crowds. Must not be confounded with Mortal Terror.”


And coming soon Hoxton Street Monster Supplies will have heartier edibles available such as Werewolf Biscuits.


And even better? All profits earned by Monster Supplies goes to the Ministry of Stories, a London based writing and mentoring center were kids 8-18 can go to develop their writing and story telling skills.

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