Fright Nights Campout

Bummed that Haunt season is still a few months away? Then check out Fright Nights Campout, a horror themed camping event in several states over this summer that promises to terrorize you as much as, if not more than your favorite October haunted house.

11034427_1411252792512952_3289426077844572176_oWith dates already set for places like Tampa, Jacksonville, New York, Lexington, Nashville, Atlanta, Columbia, Charlotte and many more – Fright Night’s Campout promises a night of terror you’ll never forget.

A little iffy about spending the night in the woods with homicidal maniacs? No worries, you can choose from one of three levels.

The chicken leg level is in what they refer to as the “pansy zone”. You won’t be scared as much, and the monsters can’t touch you. The Blood tent level promises a full night of scares, and they may even destroy your tent. Want a real night of fear? Then check out the guts tent level. You’ll be far away from everyone else – where nobody can hear your screams for help.

Breakfast, dinner, tents and endless scares are included in the cost. And if it’s get too intense, you can just let the monsters know you need a reprieve from fear by shouting “I’m a big pansy!” to get a momentary break.

Check them out at their official website and find out when they’re coming to a city near you.



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