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Think of all the things you use your cell phone for. We communicate using it. We pay bills using it. We work using it. Now think of the last time you weren’t connected at the hip with your phone. Today we rely on this small device to help us function, but what happens if it starts to change the way we function? The first trailer for Cell shows us how our cell phones could really turn us into the zombies we look like.

Cell is based on the 2006 Stephen King Novel of the same name that warns how mindless these tools can make us. Clayton Riddel (John Cusack) is separated from his family when “the pulse” begins to affect cell phone users world wide. As he struggles to survive the chaos he is joined by Tom McCourt (Samuel L. Jackson) and teenager Alice Maxwell (Isabelle Fuhrman) on a journey to escape New England and the crumbling civilization.

Plot: When a mysterious cell phone signal causes apocalyptic chaos, an artist is determined to reunite with his young son in New England.

Directed By: Tod Williams
Written By: Adam Alleca and based on the novel by Stephen King
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack, Isabelle Fuhrma

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