Review: The Curse of Sleeping Beauty

curse-of-sleeping-beautyThe Curse of Sleeping Beauty is a dark tale about a young man who inherits a dilapidated mansion when a distant relative dies. This man has, for most of his adult life, had nightmares which feature monsters and a beautiful woman he must awaken with a kiss. He’s not sure when these nightmares originated, or why they began, but they intensify as soon as he enters the mansion.

The beautiful woman (played by India Eisley) who is condemned to a cursed slumber is more or less where the ties to the fairy tale end. The Curse of Sleeping Beauty is a modern, twisted take on the story and features the bold imagery and stunning cinematography we might expect from a film with a higher budget. The effects are disturbing, more so than many recent Hollywood attempts at horror, and the dream sequences flow seamlessly into the story.

The creatures/demons in particular reminded me of the work of director Guillermo del Toro in their appearance and behavior. Other influences will be obvious to horror fans as the movie progresses. Overall, this is one you don’t want to miss if you enjoy disturbing creatures, somewhat kitschy characters, and dark takes on classic fairy tales that don’t always lead you in the direction you expected.

This probably isn’t a film for the gore hounds, even though plenty of blood makes an appearance. This film takes a more cerebral approach to horror and attempts to be legitimately frightening and eerie. It doesn’t rely on jump scares to make audiences tense up, which is a welcome shift from the current climate. Intrigued? The Curse of Sleeping Beauty is due for release May 13, 2016.

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