Review: The Haunting of Alice D

The Haunting of Alice D screams creepy from the moment you take a look at the cover. It sets the tone for the feel of the entire movie. Dark. Eerie. Unsettling. From the subject matter (a young girl forced into prostitution when her parents died), to the filming approach itself. There’s very little color throughout the film, and the lighting is subdued so every scene feels surreal, whether you’re watching something play out in the present or are flashing back to the Victorian era.

The bulk of the characters are men you love to hate. After the topic of the building’s past is brought up the descendants of the brothel owner seem unphased. One goes further to say that women are objects. …That comment doesn’t sit well with the vicious ghost of Alice D.

The film treads the fine line between showing too little and showing too much and errs too much on the wrong side of that line. It’s uninteresting when horror flicks show too much of a vicious monster or vengeful spirit, but this movie veers in the other direction. There are moments when people are terrified, but we only get to see the victims and hear sounds like rabid dogs. (They sounds reminded me most of the Hellhounds from Supernatural.)

When it does bother to show something scary, it relies on weak jump scares rather than cashing in on the full potential of their effects.

All-in-all, I’d say this is a great film for watching when you want something low key and eerie, but aren’t seeking genuine “jump out of your seat” scares. – It’s out now, so check it out on Amazon tonight!


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