We Happy Few

If trippy survivalist games are your thing you are going to love We Happy Few.

We Happy Few is an indie game developed by Compulsion Games and set in a dystopian future, where everyone is high on “Joy”. And if you don’t want to jump on their happy drug laden bandwagon with them? Well, good luck surviving. In order to make it through the game you have to find a balance between not becoming addicted to Joy and convincing everyone in town you’re just like them. Fail to do so? The game starts over. Anytime you are killed or captured you are back to square one. However the game is never the same during each play through, so as much as it sucks starting over at least it’s a brand new view.


While playing in first-person you have to explore the village, steal resources and weapons all without making anyone suspicious of you. Are they starting to get suspicious? Indulge in some Joy. But not to much, or you become like them and the game ends. As frustrating as that sounds it’s what makes We Happy Few so much fun. We all need a little balance of Joy and terror in our lives right?

We Happy Few is still in it’s early access stage, so it’s a bit buggy and the stories are not fully developed yet. But when it is? It looks like it’ll be quite the joy ride. Interested in playing? Head over to Compulsion Games official website to find out where to download.

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