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We love the holidays and costuming this time of year can be a bit difficult. We sat down with Shane Swearingan who created one of the best Krampus costumes we’ve seen.

GT: Tell us about yourself and about the back story of this wonderful Krampus character you brought to life.

Shane: I am an artist and monster maker out of Central Florida. Most of my art deals with the darker sides of life. I work for several production companies and I freelance with touring bands, spending a lot of my year on the road.

Being of Norse and Germanic descent the Krampus is part of my haritage. My Grandmother would tell me growing up that if I wasn’t good Krampus would get me. So it is part of holding up my family history to create this Beast. I have been wanting to make a Krampus for a few years now and this was the year everything came together so I could bring him to life.. FB_IMG_1481657203276



GT: If you don’t mind us asking, how long did it take you to create this costume and what did you use?

Shane: It took me about 200 hours to construct the Krampus. Using about 40 pounds of fur and hours behind a machine to stitch the fur suit together. The mask itself was the biggest part of the whole costume. If it was not done well the suit would not have come together. The mask is made of molded latex, fur, foam, plastic, and hours of attaching strands of hair that match the fur perfectly. Now the horns had to outrageous. They are made of solo cups and foam. Yes that’s right solo cups…


GT: You won the award for best costume at Spooky Empire’s December show. What have you got up your sleeve next?

Shane: Well I don’t want to release to much information but my next monster is going to blow minds…

GT: What other costumes have you done?

Shane: I have won awards for at Spooky for my evil landstrider based on the landstriders from the movie Dark Crystal..

GT: Tell us, what is your favorite holiday horror movie and why?

Shane: It was Trick r Treat but now it’s Krampus cause of how well they did the creep factor in the movie without going gory.. Plus they did a great Krampus and the Evil toys rock. Come on how could you not like the gingerbread men with a nail gun…

GT: If our readers want to find out more about you and your creations where could they find you?

Shane: They can find me at the following links.
Facebook Fan:  https://www.facebook.com/ShaneScareArt/
Instagram: shane_scare_studios

Full Body Shane

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