Chamber of Terror – Tampa, Florida

The Chamber of Terror is a local haunted attraction located in Tampa, Florida behind the Florida Aquarium. We had the chance to visit and it was not like anything we’ve ever seen. The haunt itself is located on the SS American Victory. The ship saw brief service during World War II, Korean War from 1951-1954 and the Vietnam War from 1967-1969.  The ship was built in 1945 and carried ammunition, troops, and other cargo. Her service ended in 1969 and now she sits as a Museum for most of the year. However, when the weather cools and the spirits gather she opens her doors as a local Haunt to Halloween fans. That’s right folks, true blue nautical terror.

This season the haunt runs from Sept 29th to October 31st. Tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket counter. Online purchases can be found on their website

You start by making your way into the ship. Once inside you head through a dimly lit museum section and into the inner holding area. You are then released into the terror in groups of 6.

This is something that most folks who are used to Halloween Horror Nights are not going to be accustomed too. You are not conga lined or rushed through forcing you to miss every scare. It doesn’t matter where you are in the small group. You are not safe.

There are plenty of scares to go around as you wonder deep into the ship. You make your way through the barracks, kitchen and just when you come out into the night air you find yourself on deck with new nightmares to face.

You climb up into the ship and past the captain’s chambers and are left to wonder the ship where creatures of evil are waiting for you.

The ship’s tight corridors and dark halls are filled with props and scare actors to assault your senses in a wonderful frightening way. Once you enter The Chamber of Terror there is no turning back.

Photo Credit: J.D Ellis

Calendar and Hours Credit: Chamber of Terror

History Source Credit: and Wikipedia


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