Drawn To The Dark – Book Review

Here be monsters! Drawn to the Dark offers and eerie and exciting exploration into scare tourism around the world.

Halloween isn’t the only time when the deliberately diabolical denizens do their delightfully dark deeds; haunted happenings have held their own around the globe with spooktacular special events happily hijacking holidays throughout the year.  Some are even bringing the boo year round.

Enter author Chris Kullstroem.  Her global travels examined the various haunts and celebrations of the darker side of (un)life and masses who enjoy this eerie entertainment.  Chris shares these devilish delights in her new book, Drawn to the Dark.

Inspired by a fascination with fear culture, writer Chris Kullstroem left her job and home to experience firsthand some of the world’s most legendary scare shows. Under the guidance of locals, she saw it all: attractions like the Day of the Dead, the haunts of New Zealand, and even the mythical Krampus brought to life in the streets of Austria. Each eerie enactment evokes a sense of wonder, demonstrating powerful emotions that transcend language and culture to reveal a connection we all share.

Chronicled with insightful detail and surprising humor, Drawn to the Dark explores why so many find thrills in forms of fright. Each eerie enactment evokes a sense of wonder, demonstrating powerful emotions that transcend language and culture to reveal a connection that we all share.

If you’ve wondered about these creepy cool celebrations or have any interest in the haunt industry, this is the book for you.

A fascinating glimpse into the exploration of the darker, more fantastic corners of our imagination from around the world!” —Edward Douglas, founder of and co-composer for the award-winning recording act Midnight Syndicate

Pick up your copy of Drawn to Dark at Amazon.

About the Author: Michael Gavin (The Paranormal Paparazzi) – With a passion for the paranormal and spooky and drive towards the creative, eerie and unusual images materialized as the perfect fit. Covering events like Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend as their official photographer and Halloween Horror Nights (for the popular “Inside the Magic” informative attractions and entertainment site) opened the crypt for delightfully dark themed spooky snapshots



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